Story Behind .Cool

we have really cool stuff

Here’s the story of our .cool t-shirt line. Verisign is the company that establishes top-level domains (TLD) such as .com and .net. They recently added a new TLD name called .cool. We thought that was pretty “cool” so we decided to make some products with .cool URLs on them because, well, many things in life are .cool, Right?


For instance friends are .cool, teachers are most definitely .cool, sports like hockey and football and soccer are .cool and of course we can’t forget moms.


So how do we come up with the names? That is where you come in! Our goal is to create more tees that you, our customer, want to wear by getting your feedback through our social media channels and contacting us here on the site. We are always open to new ideas! So drop us a note of who you think is .cool- we would love to hear from you!


We hope you find your perfect .cool shirt. It would be the perfect gift for friends and family or the perfect shirt to get for yourself!


Our Goal: To Make People Who Are Cool Feel .Cool!